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Concrete Screed By Lura Enterprises

"The Lightning Strike Concrete Screed is proving to be the popular choice for experienced [concrete] contractors throughout the U.S." -New England Construction, 6/23/2008

Welcome to Lura Enterprises - Home of the Lightning Strike Concrete Screed.  It's the most versatile and efficient concrete screed system available featuring our unique patented threaded axle system.  If you need a tool that is rugged, easy to setup, eliminates strain your crew and is capable of screeding any kind of flatwork, look no further for all your screeding needs.  Everything from sidewalks to grainbins to foundation floors can be completed faster and more efficiently with a Lightning Strike Power Concrete Screed.  The screed sections are available in sizes from 2' to 20' in length and couple together to customize for any size pour.

It Will Only Take 47 Seconds To See This
Amazing Concrete Power Screed In Action!



Why is the Lightning Strike Superior Concrete Screed Superior To Others?

The Lightning Strike is built in America's Heartland to "exact specifications" using only the highest quality components.  Compare the power to weight ratio of our industrial quality gas and electric motors and you will quickly see the difference.  It gives you the versatility and flexibility never before seen in a concrete implement. Regardless of what type of flatwork you are doing, the Lightning Strike has an innovative solution built for you.

Screed up to 22' of flat concrete unsupported, using supports there are endless possibilities.

50cc Gas Powered Concrete Screed

Easy Assembly:  Screed sections are simply screwed together to create the desired length

Easily Adjust Screed Length

Whether adding attachments or adjusting the screed length it uses the same easy "screw-in" process. There are numerous attachments for any tupe of job including:

- Wet Screed Shoe for pouring next to wet concrete
- Center Pivot and Form Runners for circular pours
- Compression Rollers, Joint Cutters and Riser Wheels for pouring pervious concrete
- An Adjustable C/V Joint for creating perfect Cambers and Crowns
- Adjustable Curb Runners

Single or Dual Drive models allow you to screed from either side of a project or from the center.

 Single and Dual Drive Concrete Screeds

Center pivots and form runners for circular concrete pours.

By placing a center pivot on the inside and using a form runner on the outside of the screed, you can quickly do circular pours with much less effort. Contractors have been able to pour 30' bin floors using only 2 man crews!

 Using A Concrete Screed For A Circular Pour

Screed Form Runner For Circular Concrete Pours


Compression Rollers, Joint Cutters and Riser Wheel Rings for pouring pervious concrete. 

Screed Tools For Pervious Concrete

The Lightning Strike roller sections which are normally 4.5 lbs per foot can be filled with water to provide 10 lbs of weight per foot for the perfect compression weight. This
 is the only concrete screed system that offers the power and flexibility you need today, as well as the options you are going to need tomorrow.

An Easy Access Handle Trigger is just one example of the well thought-out features that makes the Lightning Strike one of the safest screed systems on the market.

Easy Access Handle Trigger

Current Concrete Screed versions available:

Two electric versions for "emission free" indoor use:

S3 - Single Side Drive Electric Screed features a simple reverse switch to operate in the other direction.

S4 - Dual Side Drive Electric Version - Allows you to operate from either side or from the center. To reverse simply detach and turn around the motor.

Electric Concrete Screeds

S50 - Dual Side Drive Gas Powered Screed -
 Powered by a 50cc Honda engine it provides maximum freedom from cords and works in any environment. Features an articulating handle for keeping the engine level while working on steep grades or uneven ground.  Dual side drive allows you to operate a screed on either side or both simultaneously.

50cc Gas Powered Concrete Screed


While individual screed pieces are available, most systems are sold in a package. 

This is the most popular concrete screed package:

Primary Concrete Screed Package

This package is capable of creating 18 different lengths.

For circular pours, substitute a center pivot and form runner for the wall plugs.

1 - motor (price varies by model)
3 - tripod stands
1 - 6" wall plug
1 - 18" wall plug
2 - riser wheels
1 - 20' screed section
1 - 12' screed section
1 - 6' screed section
1 - 4' screed section
1 - accessory tote (see below)

Accessory Tote ( Included) Contains:

- 6 way lubricant to the keep the threads well oiled and working
- 2 spanner wrenches for tightening screed sections together, and for taking them apart
- Extra black and white caps to cover spanner wrench holes
- T-bar wrench for set screw use

Entire Package:  $8397.22


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Price: $8397.22



For the fastest, perfect concrete pour, you need...

The Lightning Strike Concrete Screed!